Proceedings of the Conference “Terracotta & Wine”

Terracotta & Wine 2022

Terracotta & Wine 2018

Comparison of the characteristics of Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc wines – Tania Martellini

The Wine of the Romans, between landscape, technology and taste – Franco Cambi

Amphora Wines (talha): the details that make all the difference – Malfeito-Ferreira

Echoes of terracotta – A.Petrosyan, B. GasparyanPetrosyan

Terracotta Warriors conquer on the world – Paul White

Terracotta & Wine 2016

The Empoli Amphora and the creation of a network of museums to divulge the culture of “Terracotta and Wine.”

Clay is here to stay – Paul White

The Influence of fermentation and refinement in terracotta jars on the characteristics of wine – T. Martellini

Metals and wine in amphora – Adriano Zago and Francesco Bartoletti

Terracotta & Wine 2014

Proceedings of the 2014 Conference

Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta